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Singapore Tuition Jobs is a recruitment website dedicated around desirable applicants (Singaporeans/Permanent Resident only), who have tutoring capabilities and experiences, have a strong passion for teaching, enjoying the benefits of working with leading educational service providers whilst still retaining the autonomy of being self-employed too, we would like to welcome you to register with us at Singapore Tuition Jobs.

Welcome to Singapore Tuition Jobs!

Tutors upon registration would be selected to represent the respective tuition agency and are allowed to teach subjects that they are familiar with and should have the necessary teaching qualifications to do so. If you are chosen and do decide to take up the tuition assignments, you should only tutor students based on your level of education and qualifications. You should have the knowledge of the current school syllabus which is an essential requirement for being a tutor which requires further expertise, knowledge, commitment and passion.

Most tuition agencies, learning centres and education service providers operates with ‘high’ selective screening, vetting, selection procedures and apply sound secure systems when recruiting tutors to ensure that clients are best provided with the right personalized 1-to-1 attention to achieve the highest quality assured. We, at Singapore Tuition Jobs,  strongly believe in high quality educational services .

Our Role as a Tuition Agency

We are solely acting as an introducing agent or middleman between our clients (students/parents) and tutors for the sole purpose of recommending students to tutors. Please take note that a student is entitled to have multiple tutors at the same time. We are paid a referral fee which is 50% of the first month tuition fees that comes from the tutor arranged by Singapore Tuition Jobs. We shall endeavor to provide you a quality and responsible tutor to meet your child’s tuition needs and requirements. Singapore Tuition Jobs shall search and do the right matching to allocate a suitable tutor using the information provided by both the tutors and the clients at all time.

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